Sat Nam. Yesterday I truly enjoyed teaching a workshop at LYFE Yoga Center in Hermosa Beach, CA. Many, many thanks to Viriam Kaur who invited me. The South Bay community is lovely ~ so many celestially communicating yogis and yoginis : )

Viriam Kaur filmed a short video of the Mool Mantra Celestial Communication. This movement was created and choreographed by Hari Kirn Kaur, one of the original two Celestial Communication (CC) creators. If you didn't think CC could be aerobic, try this one! It is always a favorite. 

For all of the yoginis and yogis who attended the workshop, here is a playlist from the workshop: 

"Ong Namo" from Meditations for the Aquarian Age, Volume 1 by Nirinjan Kaur and Guru Prem Singh

"I Am What I Am" from Livelight by Aykanna

"Namo Namo" from Universal Prayer by Satkirin Kaur Khalsa (during yoga set)

"Har Singh Nar Singh" from Adhara by Nirinjan Kaur (during yoga set)

"Too Mera Pita" from Too Mera Pita by Matamandir Singh (relaxation)

"Mool Mantra" from Mool Mantra & Wahe Guru by Simran Kaur and Kirtan Singh

"Asankh Naav" by Gurudass Singh & Gurudass Kaur. Originally found on CD of the same name, also can be found on Deeply Relax and Meditate, compiled by Shakta Kaur. 

"Prosperity Hymn" from Meditations for the Aquarian Age, Volume 1 by Nirinjan Kaur and Guru Prem Singh. 

"Dhan Dhan Ram Das Guru" from Naad, the Blessing by Sangeet Kaur Khalsa. 

Many blessings to all,
Adarsh Kaur
Hardhyan Kaur/ Sylvia
5/15/2011 14:54:43

Yesterday's CC workshop with you Adarsh was such a bright moment for me. It was breathtakin, I should say, breathgiving. Just wonderful. I will never forget those 3 hours spent with you, and my fellow local yogis. Thank you so much, Hardhyan.

5/15/2011 19:00:22

It was an honor and a delight for me to share Celestial Communication with all of you. Thank you for your touching words. May we keep breathing, moving and chanting, to uplift ourselves and all who we meet. Sat Nam and blessings to you.


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