One of the most common questions I hear about Celestial Communication is - what makes it Celestial Communication, and not dance, or something else? My answer to this question:

The five elements of Celestial Communication: 

(1) Only the arms and upper body move. The navel point and lower chakras are stabilized. You can sit or stand, but only as long as the lower body does not move. Celestial Communication is working on the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th chakras, as well as the aura, and this is part of what makes it a "celestial" meditation.

(2) The movement is created to mantra or uplifting spiritual songs. The movement can be created by anyone, as long as it has the feeling of the song and the sound current in it. The goal is to embody the mantra/song and to use the body as an instrument to "sing" it. 

(3) When practicing with another person or a group, there is one leader, and the other person(s) follows and mirrors the leader. So when the leader is moving her right arm, the follower is moving her or his left. Yogi Bhajan said that if you don't have anyone to practice Celestial Communication with, try doing it in a mirror with yourself, or even sitting in front of a tree to practice. 

(4) Your eyes are open. This is an alert form of meditation; you remain aware of yourself, your movements, and the Celestial Communication leader/teacher.

(5) The Celestial Communication should move the fingertips, and move the hands and arms through the space around you. The movement of the fingertips through the air moves the prana, which stimulates the neurons in the brain for deep relaxation. The hand and arm movements through the air around you strengthens and brightens the aura. One common mistake I see is that there is not enough actual movement to produce these effects of Celestial Communication. When all of these elements are present, the Radiant Body is also strengthened. 

These are the five elements of Celestial Communication. There is an infinite amount of creative potential using these five guidelines. You can sing if you like, or just let your body be the instrument. And, you can smile if you like! 

If I missed anything in this list, or if you have any questions about the 5 elements of Celestial Communication, please comment here. I'd love to hear from you!

Sat Nam & blessings.


Later in the friend Sirgun Kaur wrote - "If you think you can't sit still long enough to meditate, try this!". And, she is so right. Celestial Communication is for everyone! Young, old, men, women, all religions, ethnicities...everyone!

2/18/2011 08:50:26

Wow! I know that I love the feeling I have after Celestial Communication but I'm so appreciative to have the information about what I'm affecting and how I'm being affected. Thank you!

6/6/2012 01:03:23

Here you are sharing The 5 Elements of Celestial Communication information. That are very effective for the people who care about that. Admiring the time and energy you put into your website and in depth information you provide.

2/18/2011 16:54:34

Sat Nam, Sukh Anand Kaur,

I am so glad to hear that! Yes, the experience is the most important thing, but I think it's cool to know why it works : )

Infinite blessings,
Adarsh Kaur


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