Sat Nam, 

Many blessings to all of you this summer. It has been 28 days since my return from Summer Solstice, and I now finally feel ready to write about it! It was a deep and transformative experience, and I find that it really does take 40 days to process and integrate the experience. When I first returned, I was sleeping a lot to process all of the great changes. I am grateful to be doing a 40 day kriya and meditation, which is helping me to keep the transformation process moving forward, and to anchor me in a daily practice that serves my soul. 

For me, Solstice is getting better and better each year. It is one of the most challenging physical environments to be in, and at the same time, it is one of the most supportive environments of all. The theme of this year's Solstice Sadhanas is "Ether". This manifested as extreme dryness, as well as the usual hot, dusty, and windy elements. It always takes me about 36 hours to adjust to the altitude, dryness and heat of Ram Das Puri. So, I take it easy when I arrive and focus on the basics like hydration, food, sleep and setting up. 

The supportive nature of Solstice comes from the community of people, the Guru, the structure, the service, the practice of yoga and meditation, and the sound current everywhere. Even the challenges of nature are subdued in the morning and evening when it is cool and the sun is lower in the sky. Seeing the beautiful mountains in the distance, little bunnies running by, the sounds of bugs, and the starry clear skies are all part of the experience. 

Only about 24 hours into my arrival at Ram Das Puri, I taught a Celestial Communication class, "Embodying the Teachings". It was the first day of classes at Summer Solstice, and all of these beautiful souls showed up to experience this uplifting form of meditation together. The focus was on becoming an embodiment of the teachings and the sound current through movement. Everyone kept up with the Celestial Communication, sometimes with the wind and dust blowing in our tent. There were lots of smiles and some tears as the mantras and movement affected everyone. It is an incredible experience to me how these simple and pure actions of singing and moving with sacred sound can touch the soul, speak to the soul, and let the soul shine out radiantly to the world. 

My wonderful husband took pictures of the class, which you can see in the slideshow below. I love all of these moments of stillness in the movement captured. I love all of the gentle facial expressions too. It's easy for me to see the innocence and nobility of the soul in this practice. And, it is so special for me to look back on these photos and remember the class on this beautiful day. 

I also joined my friend, a great teacher and musician, Sat Purkh Kaur, for her class on the morning of Peace Prayer Day. She invited me to share Celestial Communication at the beginning and end of her class, with her playing her beautiful songs. This was a wonderful experience as well. 

There is so much more to share about the Summer Solstice experience, that I will write a Part II. Stay tuned! And, if you will be in the Los Angeles area, please join me for my next Celestial Communication workshop on Sunday, July 29th, 1:30-4:30 pm at Yoga West Los Angeles

All love and blessings, 
Adarsh Kaur

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So very beautiful! This made me very happy!

6/21/2016 13:59:18

I'm sure that everybody would change something in him/herself if he/she had such a possibility to become a member of this fantastic group!


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