Sat Nam, Celestial Friends! 

There is a Spirit Voyage 40 Day Global Sadhana beginning today, Sunday, May 13th, on Mother's Day. This Sadhana is called "Elevating Ourselves, Blessing Our Children". Gurmukh Kaur and Snatam Kaur lead three powerful meditations for this 40 day sadhana. The third meditation is a Celestial Communication! I love that Spirit Voyage included a CC during this 40-day sadhana.

The Celestial Communication is to "Gobinde Mukande", a powerful mantra for removing blocks and fears. It brings patience, protection and peace. The movements for this CC are based on the original created by Hari Kirn Kaur. Snatam Kaur has updated the CC along with her version of "Gobinde Mukande" with both the Gurmukhi mantra and English lyrics. 

I actually love doing this Celestial Communication! It is very freeing and for me, the English lyrics and the children's voices on the "Feeling Good Today" recording really open my heart. I teach this one from time to time in my classes. 
This is a great opportunity to try out a new Celestial Communication, learn one for the first time, or to do for 40 days! Practice it and see how it heals you, relaxes you, and brings you success. I would love to hear your experience. 

Many blessings for a beautiful Mother's Day, 
Adarsh Kaur

Samer Singh Daula
7/11/2013 21:10:53

Please keep up all your good work. You are an amazing person.

6/21/2016 04:00:39

so pretty talanted children! it's a great pleasure to listen to what they do!


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